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Artbeton was the general contractor for the Roman pavements and palace floors featured in the Polish film extravaganza Quo Vadis, based on the novel by Nobel-prize winner Henryk Sienkiewicz.

Artbeton's unique technology involves coloring, stamping or etching a specially prepared concrete base superimposed with a layer of natural ground-stone materials. Our processes enable us to create surface finishes in the color, pattern and form of your choice, whether you're looking for a superb natural-stone effect - brick - wood planking - or completely new, customized surface quality.

Artbeton technology also lets us install paving over pre-existing concrete, which provides an ideal base for the new surface.

The final product is high-strength and low-maintenance; it's scratch-, stain- and skid-resistant, won't fade, and withstands all kinds of weather.

The plusses of Artbeton paving:
- a uniform base needing no intermediate layers, glue, tiles or mortar joints
- an enormous range of textures and colors
- improved resistance to pressure and scratching
- completely frost-proof
- environment-friendly nonporous base safeguards against chemical seepage
- permanent coloring
- resistant to extremes of weather, chemicals, acids, salt, UV
radiation and motor oil
- remains moss-free
- doesn't sink
- won't crack even at high temperatures